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The winter podmerzaniye of root system was not observed neither in Siberia, nor in the European part of our country. But in the conditions of Moscow area not winter-hardy grades completely together with system at a frost 32 °C and snow cover less than 15 cm. Part of plants of such grades with great difficulty ­ during the next summer.

Raspberry does not transfer both remoistening of a, and a lack of moisture. In with high standing of waters, on the littered or after a drought this freezes slightly even at small frosts. of moisture causes the growth, an usykhaniye of escapes, and also thinning of the majority of them. Thus berries happen small, many of them dry out to a of maturing.

One-dimensionality of berries assumes as approximately identical indicators on length, a form and weight them within one collecting, and a nemelchaniye on collecting. Estimate this sign during each collecting: low, average, high.

A number of theoretical provisions (quantity of seedlings and volumes of hybridization, the genetic reasons of inheritance of signs of a remontantnost at raspberry) is reasonable on the basis of which the raspberry grade model with productivity of 120 c/hectare is offered.

We determine quantity of lateral by number of all fruit branches on which there were ripened berries. Usually the quantity of lateral happens around 23-24, standard grades to 4 Can have following situations when fruit branches are not included into accounts: the kidney was gone, laterat grew by 3-5 cm and dried up, laterat grew approximately by 10 cm and gave 1-2 berries. In case as at a grade Glen Klova from one knot develop more than one well created and equal fruit branches, all of them are considered, and this phenomenon has to be stipulated in the note.

On a collection site it is possible to define only efficiency of this or that studied form and on it to judge productivity. Productivity is the efficiency of one plant multiplied by number of plants on hectare. Parameters of a plant of raspberry are set: height is about 1,8 m, distance between ranks of 2,5 m, between plants among 0,7 m, existence of 7 escapes on a bush. Therefore the only way of increase of productivity is increase of efficiency of a plant.

The calculated average mass of each collecting was multiplied by the coefficient corresponding shares of berries of this collecting in the general efficiency. that on the 2nd collecting 30% of all crop at an average mass of 7 g, then received 7 g x 0, After addition of such sizes on each collecting we receive the average mass of berries of this sortoobrazets.

The quantity of lateral was determined by number top of fruit branches on which there were ripened berries, there Can be following situations when fruit branches were not included into accounts: the kidney was gone, laterat grew by 3-5 cm and dried up, laterat grew approximately by 10 cm and gave 1-2 berry.

In our work it is necessary to study biological opportunities of these productive large-fruited forms of raspberry for the purpose of allocation from them future parental forms as genetic donors of efficiency and quality of berries of raspberry.

Simultaneity of maturing is defined by the minimum number of for which it is harvested by 90%. It can be high if the main crop is cleaned for 2-3 collecting, average - for 4 collecting and low (5 and more collecting.

Creating highly productive forms, the selector works on improvement of concrete components of efficiency. Efficiency of a plant is work of mass of berry on number of berries on a bush. In turn, the number of berries is a work of seven escapes on number of lateral on escape and number of berries on laterat. It is also efficiency components.