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After long work with the client on him in computer base of the account the balance from which money can be written off (in case the client buys any goods or asks to give out it a sum of money) is got, or, on the contrary, to be enlisted in balance (arrival of money according to the clearing settlement, cash, through the currency account or return goods.

Also it is partially possible to carry purchasing department which submits directly to the CEO to wholesale structures, carries out functions of purchases, logistics, management of transport streams, partially operates work of two warehouses.

From the above described assortment offer it is visible: that the firm carries out practically all types of works on assembly, adjustment and repair of the computer equipment, imports and sells the equipment of the leading suppliers of the world.

All advertizing company first of all is directed on involvement of new clients. For maintenance of the clients who are already working with the company use slightly other, more various methods of stimulation of sales.

reduction of product cost by transition of production of vendors to cheaper and modern technologies (for example, transition of Intel firm on 15mk technology on production of processors, reduction of quantity of magnetic disks by more dense technology of record at producers of the tough disco

In these two directions we will also try to eliminate the available defects, to improve the operating system of marketing operations, to enter new elements of marketing technologies of advance and product sales.

Multimedia products, scanners, plotters, systems of video-tape editing (average profit of 5-15%) – this assortment group is exclusive. Delivery on goods is provided by 2-3 firms which conduct strict price control.

After the goods are brought, it is carried out on internal base by storekeepers, they consider it. Then each manager of wholesale or dealer department, having opened the warehouse program, sees the brought goods on a warehouse, its quantity and entry cost, and also the supplier. After that the goods can be sold.