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In welfare design the region takes a special place. At the level of the region there is a strategy of cultural development taking into account social and economic features of development of the territory, its cultural potential, interests and inquiries of various categories of the population today, etc.

Contradiction between growth of requirements of the population on various business trips and not formation of market researches of the market of business tourism (the absence of information on nature of demand for services of business tourism reducing overall performance tourist of firms).

The existing administrative links have to be put in such conditions which will bring in the natural way, without the next campaign of personnel shifts, to the decision the main for them a task – to creation of conditions of self-development of cultural life of the region, self-realization of various subjects of welfare activity.

First, the analysis of statistics shows that at domination of the general, general tendencies in the same time frames development of professional art activity, amateur creativity, an amateurism happens unequally in various territories: in one places development, in others – recession is observed. Therefore, factors of regional character are defining for culture in many respects.

Secondly, at the level of the region the most optimum option of cultural development taking into account regional specifics and originality, territory opportunities – institutional, material, human, etc. is possible.

Option 1: By results of the content analysis of team formulate the most actual problems of development of branch (for example, the cultural and leisure sphere, tourist branch, the film video industry, an advertizing, etc.). Then branch problems are ranged (each problem is estimated on 5 ball systems.

Note. Features of design of cultural services and versions of design solutions of "branch" problems are defined as problems, characteristic for this or that branch, and specific technologies (the organization of show programs, an advertizing, producer and marketing projects, etc.).

3 task: To formulate basic needs and problems of the person which he can satisfy in the sphere of tourism, and on this basis: to develop classification of motives of tourism and to define potential segments of the market, i.e. the main (are perspective types of tourism and their social base

Option 2: For ranging ready formulations of branch problems (for example, limited opportunities of the sphere of culture in connection with reduction of the amounts of financing are offered; not demand of creative potential of the population; low welfare activity of the population; lack of conditions for self-development of cultural life, etc.).

3 A contradiction between extensive use of recreational capacity of territories and ecological security of recreational zones (an extreme form — destruction of natural resources of the region owing to mass development tourism.

Development of strategy of an advertizing campaign (her idea), including: search of ways of positioning of an image of a product (i.e. allocations of brand, goods among similar); development of the main subject of advertizing or list tem1; justification of target audiences of consumers.

The analysis of a situation and market segmentation of sale, i.e. the description of target audience (the analysis of requirements of consumers, problems and requirements of various social groups), the characteristic of advantages of a tourist's product, the characteristic of competitors (including the contents and ways of realization to a turusl.

2 task: Having chosen one of the most significant (actual) problems, teams have to define problem type, a source and the carrier of problems (it can be experts of the sphere, resursoderzhatel, the power, the population and to develop version of its design decision. After that there is a protection of ideas, their examination and discussion.